My world is a forest during the summertime - so full of life and nature's green.
Birds are singing, rivers are flowing oh so wonderfully free.
These used to be a dark companion but now it's only me you'll be seeing there.
The air is eerie and haunting,
just like your poetry does haunt me.
It's making me wish that I could disappear into this endless abyss of dreams -
my head has created a haven for me where I'm dancing with my angels and creations.

And my heart is a house. Deeply hidden and and precious.
With walls white as milk - one might go insane
just by sitting inside of the rooms and watching the shadows dancing
on their cold, pale white skin.

Day after day and evermore.

As my world is a forest - it equals my mood.
I'm alive at the light of the sun and when I'm howling to the moon.
Eternal summer is the lifeline and I'm following it's guide.
So mote it be and I am blessed in this wonderful, vivid scene.

Wanna come inside, I might offer you a tour.
But you must get out of here before the final evening hour
since I don't keep companions or play with the law's of love.

Silent is the night and into my name 
the stars are shining.

The wind is whispering.