Crazy, they call me - crazymadinsane. 
All those foreing people, don't even know my name. 
Insanity runs in veins but what they aren't aware
is that I do pity their rumors
since those always do stay the same. 

Pretending to be normal must be an hard issue. 
World is so judgemental nowadays 
but I do need no tissues
to drown down the tears
for I am laughing inside. 
Dancing with my midnight-dreams 
which are showing me unforgotten realms. 

Crazy, they keep calling me - crazymadinsane. 

Judging books by their covers, so mightly - 
never bothering to peek inside. 
In this world the greatest stories are hidden.
In this world the hearts are sold. 

I'll keep on listening to my own, pure heart:
it keeps the liars out and lies untold.