Where there's a moth, there must be a flame.

When it's all wild around you can feel the flame fuming.

Where there's a change you must feel the same.

You must be curious, that's all I'm assuming.

Peek behind the corner, I'm just a jack in the box

always having the need of to surprise the unknowing.

Some secrets are being kept and some truths are being told -

some books are read by only the charming.

And if everything ends after the chapter untamed.
Do not feel ashamed, the writer is guilty .

Poets are torn by the desire of writing.

And readers are bound by the desire to fall

into the arms of an writer unassuming.

When there's a need of falling there must be a flame.

A flame so bright that it must be all-blinding.

Sing along with my songs and you must hear the tunes

since where there's a moth, there must be a flame.