The touches of your soul such a velvet, so smoothing. 
The kisses of your voice are living on my skin.
All these haunted memories  running deeply in my bloodstream
making me beg for more/asking to fall deep within.

So burning is this yearning - 
it's smoke's almost choking. 
You are the most nocturnal blessing
and I am your sacrifice, for sure. 

Come outta here to bless and play,
cut chest deeply open, take a hold on my heart - 
feed your deepest apetite -
and be my curse, be my cure.

A kiss from your lips - 
so I wont be missing yesterdays.

A touch from your heart,
we'll let it all fall apart tonight.

The sounds of your songs are still living on my skin.

Come here and and play with me.

Your the sound of my violin.

Silky sweet and little rotten.