Let's play the game of wicked cards - 
the game of playing with fire. 
Please, fall down, please come down with me:
I'll make you sin and bleed. 
I wanna be the one to tear down that poison - 
suck it from your skin like a succubus. 
Aiming for your heart - 
for that's where the blood runs thighest. 
I am the goddess of dark arts. 

We're all sinners and the most of us
do enjoy playing with god forsaken arts. 
Come and see me in the mirror
as I do see you/I am your inner part. 
Lovingly and willingly
I'll take you trought the heavens with me. 
Once you do believe in the angels unbound
then you shall see
their pure white wings on me. 

Sarcifice yourself tonight. 

Cut out your your heart and make it right. 

Never do trust again with a foolish part. 

When playing with wicked
games of love so dark.