As it ends, the light of day, 
demons crawl and dead children play. 
Listem to them, you once heard someone say - 
the children of the night totally do get unliving. 
Pale as a flower, her skin so sweet. 
She's the deadliest catch you might ever meet. 
Bloodred lips, just like the flowers at her feet  - 
she looks at you and turns to kiss her lover. 

"Scream for me". 
She's whispering in your ear.

"There's nothing from us for you to fear. 
You see the point of life when the night gets near - 
C'mon, let us have a bite". 

Children of the fright, as some might say, 
at the dawn after midnight they go inside and lay
In their coffins until the hours of the day
turn darker and yet comes nightfall. 

You close your eyes, she's resting beside you. 

Forever's a long time to love and play. 

But just like you once heard someone say. 

Children of the night totally do get unliving.