Hear the crows hoarsely cawing -
that's where I do play and hide:
inside of mother nightmare's arms,
her forests are my home. 
Living amongst the trees so mighty
I'm almost as much as old as those
faerytales and legends
they taught you to beware so long ago. 

I'm hiding in the darkness,
keeping away from prying eyes. 
Playing in the shadows/
haunting in the nights
of your childhood and adulthood - 
I'm the ghost you should not pray. 

Never listen to the dead voices
no matter what you'd hear them say. 

Since once you perish you shall be mine to keep. 
I'll keep listening to your dreams and sleep
that once used to be a sweet escape
is nothing like that now. 

Did they tell you not to visit haunted places?

Those only freak your mind/
invite undead strangers.

Did they tell warn you not to play with dark arts? 

Now I'm a ghost and a bitter curse
and not after your heart.